Howe's Culture, Interview with Dan E.

We recently sat down with one of our Fire Sprinkler experts to talk about Howe Inc. and what it is like to work for the company. When Dan Erikson first started at Howe Inc. he had no experience in the fire sprinkler field. Through hands on training and educational seminars, Dan has become an expert and has now proudly worked with Howe for 5 years and was recently promoted to Fire Protection Service Coordinator.

Why-Fi Thermostats?

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When contemplating ways to improve your home, many times the thermostat might get overlooked. With summer fast approaching, a Wi-Fi thermostat just might be one of the best upgrades to add to your home. You may find yourself asking, however, what are the benefits of using a Wi-Fi integrated thermostat?

Truly 24/7

You never plan for your air conditioner to break down on the hottest night of the summer or your furnace to stop running during a below zero weekend, but doesn’t it seem like that is when it always happens?

The Solution to Dry Winter Air

Suffering from dry eyes, itchy throat, or a cold you just can’t get rid of? Stop blaming your coworkers for your cold; it might be your home getting you sick.

Howe to Start Your Career

The Howe Apprenticeship program costs an estimated $3,700 per year, completely paid for by us. No school loans, no out of pocket payment, and no previous knowledge needed.

The Importance of System Upkeep

Posted in Maintenance Tips

Not all commercial buildings are up to par when it comes to the working order of their Fire Protection System or HVAC System.

Don't Ignore the Signs

As a homeowner, and South Dakotan, you know the importance of a working furnace. The weather gets cold here and it’s crucial that your unit is working properly to make sure the temperature inside your home isn’t the same as it is outside. Watch for these warning signs to avoid a failing furnace this winter!

Is Your Sump Pump Ready for Rainfall?

Many houses around the Sioux Empire have basements, and it’s not uncommon for those basements to flood or leak during heavy rainfalls. To protect your home from moisture problems and flooding, a sump pump can be installed in your home.

Adding a Water Softener to Your Home

Having hard water in your home’s water system means there are high levels of calcium and magnesium in the water, which can be harmful to appliances, pipes and to you.
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Howe's Culture, Interview with Dan E.

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Why-Fi Thermostats?

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We have worked with Howe for over 30 years and have the utmost confidence in their abilities.