Battery Back-up Sump Pump

As one of your home’s primary appliances, it is critical that you keep your sump pump functioning
properly. Typically, a sump pump will operate well for 10-15 years. After that time, your sump pump will
likely need to be replaced. By maintaining your sump pump regularly, you can ensure it works when you
need it most. Damage caused by flooding and severe weather can be costly and time-consuming. That is why it is crucial to keep your sump pump in good condition throughout its lifetime. A properly functioning sump pump can save you from the expense, inconvenience, and stress of dealing with water damage repairs. Additionally, you can take an extra precaution by installing an emergency back-up option. Emergency back-up sump pumps are a great option for further protecting your home from water damage in the event of severe weather.

Howe offers installation and maintenance services on sump pumps and back-up sump pump options. With over 80 years leading the industry and leveraging the most cutting-edge technology, you can trust us with your sump pump needs. Our certified plumbing experts will work with you quickly and efficiently to determine the best solution for your home and budget.

Primary Sump Pump

Traditional Sump PumpTraditional Sump Pump

Professional-grade, 3/10 HP submersible pump for residential dewatering (sump) or effluent (septic tank systems) use.

  • Pros: highly effective pumping, reliable, low maintenance
  • Cons: requires electricity to operate

Emergency Back-Up Sump Pump Options

Water Back-up Sump PumpWater Back-Up

Unique water-powered product to protect your basement in the case of a power outage – requires no electricity to operate.

  • Pros: fully automatic, maintenance free, generally integrates with primary pump
  • Cons: reduced flow rate

Battery Back-Up

Designed to work alongside submersible or pedestal pumps and provide up to 6 hours of
continuous high performance.Battery Backup Sump Pump

  • Pros: full flow rate, self-testing and smart diagnostics, early warning diagnostics
  • Cons: battery set up may require more maintenance

Add-on Options

  • Early Flood Warning Notifications
  • Wi-Fi Monitoring
  • Remote Status Checks and Testing
  • Floatless Switches

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