Pre-Construction Services with Howe

The logistics of modern construction projects can feel overwhelmingly complex. Even if a project appears viable at first, costs and scheduling can spiral out of control without robust management. Howe can help reign in construction projects by developing early estimates, expediting the design-to-construction schedule, providing design consultation, and reducing change orders.

With our pre-construction services, Howe helps better define your project’s scope, schedule, and costs as early as possible with the most efficient use of resources and money. First, we determine project viability by participating in design decisions and evaluating possible complications. Once we’re sure your project has addressed everything of concern, we’ll help coordinate the schedule. Finally, we’ll perform an exhaustive review of up-front and future cost estimates to ensure the long-term financial viability of the finished project.

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Start Your Project with Howe

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Define Your Project’s Scope

The first thing Howe provides as part of our pre-construction services is helping your project get off the ground. During the preliminary stages, some project decisions are generalized or roughly estimated. Howe can take ideas and budgets into consideration even during these preliminary stages, helping you avoid complications. We’ll help ensure your project has the biggest chance for success as early as possible.

Our experienced team will participate in design decisions and perform a range of tasks to assist with the pre-construction process. Here are a few of the most common tasks Howe completes during this stage of the project.

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Analyze Potential Project Costs

While some costs are relatively fixed, others are more dynamic. To help investors, developers and key funding sources make an informed decision, Howe performs a comprehensive analysis of your project’s total cost. We’ll look at labor and material costs and estimate daily maintenance expenses or even the expected financial returns of the finished building. Many of these tasks can be grouped under Value Engineering, which should optimize the expected costs with the project’s potential worth.

Another common method for estimating costs is the Life-Cycle Cost Analysis. This method is especially useful when alternatives have already been researched, so that engineers can review all alternatives at once. For example, which a high-efficiency HVAC system seems more expensive up-front because of installation costs, its long-term energy efficiency is ultimately more cost effective.

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Plot Out the Project’s Schedule

Even when a project is considered viable, scheduling the necessary appointments, meetings and deliveries takes precise coordination. Howe will estimate timelines, including specific benchmarks as well as the overall timeline for the project. We’ll also schedule material procurement and delivery with vendors and subcontractors. The better we can predict how much time your project needs to be successful, the more time and money is saved.

And a Lot More

Scheduling and costs are both important aspects of project success, but they’re not the only things that matter. Howe’s expertise extends to many other elements of construction projects, such as:

Constructability Reviews: When a project is conceptualized, firm details like the site, materials and energy requirements can only be estimated. A constructability review seeks to identify anything that could prevent the project from actually being built. It will also confirm if following through is cost effective and something subcontractors will willingly bid for. Early plans and schematics are reviewed, unique aspects of the construction process are considered, and alternatives are explored if an existing idea won’t pan out.

Engineering Analysis: Even if the project as a whole is determined to be buildable, specific elements may need further review. An engineering analysis will review designs and calculate the necessary dimensions and materials to proceed with construction. In general, the analysis should identify concrete details that will need to be addressed to ensure mechanical efficiency.

3-D Scanning: Whether you’re expanding an existing structure or starting from scratch, 3-D scans can provide invaluable data. Lasers or high-definition photographs are used to render detailed 3-D images of the site or an existing building.

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Define Your Project’s Scope

Howe can help define as much information about your project as possible while minimizing risks. With a better understanding of the time, money and resources needed, you and other developers can make the best decisions for success. Call or text us at 605-339-2020 for details about our available pre-construction services.

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