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A quality fire protection system is one of the most important safety measures for businesses and industrial facilities. Sprinklers are the cornerstone of fire protection equipment and must be properly installed and well-maintained. For professional fire protection services in Sioux Falls, SD, you can trust Howe.

Our certified experts will ensure your fire protection systems are ready to respond. We offer the testing and inspection of commercial and even industrial sprinkler systems. In fact, our experts can help you design and maintain your own custom fire protection system. We’ll help you identify the best ways to protect your business or industrial facility and keep these solutions in great shape with quality repairs and routine maintenance.


When installing fire sprinklers, Howe considers the size and layout of the building. Many commercial and industrial systems must operate in unique conditions, which further complicates the installation process. Regardless, Howe will take every precaution when performing fire sprinkler installation in Sioux Falls, SD.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or keeping a retrofitted system up to code, we strive to make installation as seamless as possible. Call or text us to learn how a custom design could improve your system’s ability to suppress and extinguish fires.

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Unlike utilities, fire protection systems aren’t designed to run continuously throughout the day. Instead, they respond immediately when a fire is detected. It could be months or even years before your fire protection system is used, enough time for a problem to take shape. Regular inspections can catch these problems before they prevent your fire sprinklers from working.

As part of our comprehensive inspection services, Howe can perform diagnostics testing for your fire sprinkler system and its components. We’ll ensure it meets all safety requirements or fire codes.


Staying on top of fire sprinkler repair makes a world of difference when every moment counts. Howe ensures repairs are completed quickly and safely to maintain the integrity of your fire sprinkler system. From damaged pipes to clogged sprinkler heads, we know how to recognize the signs of trouble that keep your sprinklers from working correctly.

Trust Howe for prompt, professional repair on major and minor problems alike. Call or text us as soon as you think there’s a problem for the fastest solution.

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Backflow Preventer Testing & Repair

When potable water is contaminated, health and safety may be at risk. But with Howe’s backflow prevention, testing and repair services, you have a strong layer of protection. Our experts trace the contamination back to its source, eliminating the backflow from your entire system. And with professional testing, we can respond to possible backflow as soon as possible.

If backflow has already caused damage or other problem, we’ll begin repairs right away while minimizing disruption to your facility. Call or text today to get started.


Wet Fire Sprinklers

Wet fire sprinkler systems are a common, effective choice for fire protection. Also known as wet pipe systems, a supply of water is kept on hand for immediate discharge in the event of a fire. Since this water remains stagnant for long periods of time, there is a chance it can become contaminated. Well-maintained backflow prevention equipment can prevent this from happening.

Dry Fire Sprinklers

Unlike wet fire systems, dry fire sprinklers keep pressurized air inside the pipes instead of water. A special valve prevents water from entering the pipes until the sprinklers are activated. This is ideal for unheated spaces, as the water in wet fire systems could freeze in low temperatures.

Pre-Action Fire Sprinklers

Similar to dry fire sprinklers, a pre-action system doesn’t maintain a supply of water. But instead of a dry pipe valve, an electronic detection system recognizes when a fire has started. It signals the pre-action valve to release, delivering water into the pipes. This two-step activation process lowers the risk of accidental discharge, which is ideal for buildings housing moisture-sensitive materials.

Deluge Fire Protection System

Designed for high-risk industrial facilities like power plants or chemical manufacturers, a deluge system releases large amounts of water all at once. Piping is directly connected to the water supply, and every sprinkler head opens simultaneously. This ensures the fire is stopped as quickly as possible before it reaches hazardous materials or delicate equipment.

Foam Sprinkler System

These systems use a combination of water and foam concentrate to extinguish highly flammable materials. The concentrate is housed separately in a bladder tank until it’s pressurized by water as a result of the system activating. The pressure sends the foam into the proportioner, a specialized component that ensures the correct mix of foam and water.

Chemical solvents, industrial alcohol and similar materials can quickly reignite, a problem resolved by the foam’s ability to suffocate fumes and deprive these fires of oxygen.

Please note that Howe currently does not offer the installation of foam systems. Testing is available, however, so feel free to call or text us to schedule an appointment.

Other Fire Protection Services

Our expert team also work with fire pumps and standpipe systems. These can be combined with sprinklers for a truly comprehensive fire protection system.

Fire Pumps

High-rise buildings or sprawling industrial facilities often require vast plumbing systems, including fire suppression piping. Their large size can affect how quickly the sprinklers respond to a fire. Fire pumps alleviate this problem by increasing the water pressure of sprinkler systems as the supply of water passes through the pump.

Standpipe Systems

Standpipe fire suppression systems are a unique form of fire protection. Rather than using sprinklers to automatically extinguish fires, strategic places are chosen throughout the building for hose hookups. These connections are designed for use by professionals like the fire department.

Older buildings will sometimes only have standpipe systems, while newer construction typically favors some combination of the two. They are ideal for large buildings with few entrances and multiple floors, since firefighters won’t have to unravel long lengths of the hose in tight quarters.

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Howe’s Uncompromising Standards for Fire Protection Services

With professional installation and vigilant maintenance, Howe will keep your fire suppression system in the best possible shape. Get in touch with our staff to find out more about available fire protection services in Sioux Falls. Technicians are available via phone or text at 605-339-2020.

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