Keep Protected with Fire Sprinkler Inspection & Testing in Sioux Falls

Keep Protected with Fire Sprinkler Inspection & Testing in Sioux Falls

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As part of your business’ fire protection system, your sprinklers are expected to respond immediately in the event of a fire. But since it can be months or even years before that happens, there’s enough time for something to disrupt your sprinklers. This can reduce their ability to suppress fires, and may even prevent them from activating at all.

Ensure your fire protection system is ready with Howe’s routine fire sprinkler inspection in Sioux Falls, SD. Our commercial technicians can perform comprehensive inspections of your fire sprinkler system, no matter the type or size. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call or text Howe today at 605-339-2020.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Regular inspections aren’t just an important part of maintaining your fire protection equipment; they’re a vital layer of protection all on their own. Between uses, there is plenty of time for a problem to appear inside your sprinkler system. If these problems continue to grow unchecked, they can cause serious damage or affect more of the building itself.

Quality fire sprinkler inspections should look for the following:

  • Corrosion: Chemical corrosion or rust can reduce the lifespan and performance of your fire sprinklers.
  • Obstruction: When every second counts, an obstruction could prevent your sprinklers from responding as quickly as they should.
  • Backflow: Contaminated water poses a health risk to employees and can even lower the quality of finished products.
  • Leaks or other damage: Repairing water damage on commercial property can be painfully expensive, especially if you have delicate or custom machinery.
  • And more.

For example, a routine sprinkler inspection could help prevent backflow contamination in one of your sprinkler system’s pipes. Without the inspection, the backflow could possibly reach and contaminate the rest of your water supply.

The primary reason to complete inspections is ensuring your sprinklers can properly extinguish a fire. If the sprinklers are damaged or obstructed, the fire could spread to other areas of the building, posing more risk to more employees.

Howe’s fire sprinkler inspections cover all types of sprinkler systems, including both wet and dry sprinklers. We can even work with deluge and foam systems, which require additional components to function properly.


Fire Sprinkler Testing

When a technician finds something wrong with your fire sprinklers, testing the system is a good way to determine if the problem has spread to other parts of the building. Sprinkler tests can also verify if retrofitted components or new fire sprinkler installation works as intended.

Even if you haven’t necessarily found a problem, yearly testing is a good idea. Some problems won’t reveal themselves until after the damage is done and you’re stuck spending time and money to clean everything up. For example, a clogged sprinkler head isn’t very noticeable, but testing from a trained professional would quickly demonstrate that the affected sprinkler head won’t dispense water correctly. They can go ahead and resolve the issue, such as cleaning or replacing the sprinkler head.

But what about custom components, or even entire systems? Some industries need their own answer to fire protection, so their fire sprinkler systems are occasionally custom designed. Howe technicians have the experience necessary to effectively inspect and test even custom sprinkler systems.

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At Howe, the goal of our fire protection services is to identify their root causes so you can ensure the safest and most long-lasting solutions. We offer both inspections and fire sprinkler testing for commercial and industrial properties, including custom designs.

For emergency services, don’t hesitate to call Howe right away at 605-339-2020. If you just need routine testing and inspections, call or text us anytime!

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