Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) with Howe Expertise

Construction projects that implement the latest technology can improve their speed and efficiency. Howe has always recognized the value in staying up to date on digital tools for construction projects. This includes Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), which is more of an umbrella term than a specific piece of software. With VDC, detailed digital models of buildings and construction sites can be used to optimize designs, scheduling, and even cost estimates.

And with Howe’s veteran team, you have the best people working with the best tools. This ensures a more efficient and resilient final building. Learn more about Howe’s VDC capabilities by calling or texting us at 605-339-2020. You can reach us anytime with questions or concerns.

Explore VDC and CAD Design with Howe

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VDC Covers Technology That Improves Construction Management

VDC isn’t a specific tool, like a software program that renders a building. Instead, it refers to using technology and digital platforms to plan out all aspects of a construction project. Virtual renders will likely be an important piece of info implemented into VDC projects, but true VDC also plans the schedule and expected costs. Essentially, if an element of construction management can be digitized, doing so would make the most of VDC’s benefits.

Some people unfamiliar with the terms may be confused about the difference between VDC with Building Information Modeling (BIM). While they share some core ideas and goals, BIM is specific to digital renderings of buildings and its composite systems. Think of VDC as a methodology, and BIM as a way to streamline the creation of digital models/measurements that VDC projects rely on.

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Howe’s Digital Tools and Methodology

Howe takes advantage of all the best digital tools and project frameworks to translate them into more effective management of your next project. Here are just a few of the things our VDC experts can utilize:

  • 3D Scanning: Collecting the data needed for detailed 3D imagery is easier with technology like LIDAR and photogrammetry. Lasers or high-definition photographs can be compiled into useable 3D virtual models.
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM): We use BIM to produce exhaustively detailed representations of the building. With exact information about its construction, we can identify design issues or conflicts early on.
  • Robotic Total Station (RTS): This remotely controlled tool measures angles, slopes and distances with mathematical precision. This data is interpreted as a collection of laser points, which can be used to create digital models or schematics.
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What Are the Benefits of VDC?

With today’s demanding construction schedules, detailed architectural features, multiple trade’s coordination and more restrictive use of space, precise digital planning and a 3-D jobsite layout are critically important for efficient management of all these moving parts. By equipping the building team with more accurate construction documents, they can improve productivity and efficiency on the project as well as a number of other benefits:

  • Coordination of Trades: Managing multiple teams of contractors and subcontractors with different schedules is easier with VDC-oriented planning. This also includes delivering materials or facilitating easy transport of anyone working at the construction site.
  • Identify Conflicts: With so many aspects of the project working independently, noticing a conflict between two teams or plans can be tough. VDC can help isolate problem areas and give engineers time to consider solutions.
  • Establish Prefab Opportunities: When materials or systems can be prefabricated, other aspects of construction can be handled instead. VDC projects can more easily identify all possible uses of prefabricated resources.
  • Begin Prefab Assembly at Early Stage: What’s more, the sooner prefab opportunities are identified, the sooner assembly can begin. With more finished systems assembled ahead of schedule, resources can instead be devoted elsewhere.
  • Reduce Time on Site: At modern construction sites, every second counts. VDC speeds up every aspect of management and project coordination, and can result in significant time savings by the time the building is finished.
  • Improve Scheduling: Even efficient project schedules may accidentally overlap important tasks or need rescheduling. When all aspects of the construction plan are digitized, identifying ways to improve day to day scheduling is much easier.
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