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Even the most basic plumbing system still consists of many different pipes, fixtures and equipment. The best residential plumbers make sure they can repair them all. Howe is your local source for expert plumbing repair in Sioux Falls and surrounding South Dakota areas. No matter what’s broken, our certified Sioux Falls plumbers can find the source of your problem and offer a solution.

To schedule an appointment with one of our plumbers, call or text Howe at 605-339-2020. For emergency service, please call us right away!


We provide our plumbers with everything they need to complete repairs quickly and professionally. This includes some of the most extensive tools and training in the industry. But this kind of comprehensive preparation is vital since home plumbing systems feature so many distinct parts.

It’s equally important to our staff that you have access to reliable support no matter the time of day. You can count on Howe for 24/7 emergency repair support in case something breaks down at night or on the weekend. We’ll do our best to complete repairs quickly, regardless of if it’s piping or a plumbing fixture.


The pipes themselves are the most straightforward aspect of your home’s plumbing system. Without them, faucets and appliances couldn’t get the water they need to function properly, such as draining away excess water or other waste. But this doesn’t mean repairing pipes is as easy as wrapping it in duct tape.

For example, water damage is a frequent problem when a nearby pipe is leaking. But since the bulk of pipes are behind walls or under floors, tracing damage back to the source can be difficult. Howe ensures its residential plumbers have the tools necessary to access these kinds of pipes.


Bathtubs, showers, sinks, faucets and toilets are examples of your home’s plumbing fixtures. In fact, anything that delivers or drains water away is generally considered a plumbing fixture.

These systems include valves, seals, shut-offs and other moving parts that can leak or become damaged. Completing repairs will often focus on these moving parts.

Toilet Repair

Despite relying on our toilets, we tend to take them granted. Don’t let a leak or broken flush lever become something you get used to. Even though toilets seem like a simple fixture, there are a lot of internal components in modern toilets ensuring it flushes smoothly. Rather than deal with the frustration of attempting repairs yourself, let us handle the problem.

Gas Plumbing Repair

Our plumbers have the necessary training, certifications and insurance to safely repair natural gas plumbing. Repairing any plumbing equipment that uses natural gas throughout your home must be handled very carefully. Otherwise, the risk of a gas leak may increase. If you believe there is a gas leak in your home, shut off the gas immediately and alert emergency services.



Many homeowners deal with the same kind of plumbing problems. Some are minor and can be resolved quickly, while others are best dealt with carefully to avoid missing something. A few of the most common plumbing problems include:

  • Clogs: Clogs are an annoyingly frequent problem many of us will deal with at one point or another. Minor clogs can be pushed free while more severe clogs often have to be broken down first.
  • Leaks: While the leak itself is enough of a problem, the resulting water damage can be much more frustrating to resolve. Howe’s residential plumbers often check for water damage when repairing leaky pipes or fixtures.
  • Poor Water Pressure: Some problems with water pressure stem from other issues like leaks and corrosion elsewhere in your plumbing. A professional plumber will have to trace the drop in pressure back to its source in order to resolve the problem.

Plumbing repair FAQs

The best plumbing repair services come from experts who are happy to help you learn more about how to maintain an effective system. Take a look at these common plumbing repair FAQs.

How Do I Maintain My Garbage Disposal?2023-01-10T12:04:56-06:00

A great way to maintain your disposal and keep it running properly is to throw a handful of ice cubes down the drain and run the disposal monthly. This will act like a mini sandblaster and help remove debris. One of the keys to a long lifespan for your garbage disposal is consistent usage.

What do I do for a clogged garbage disposal?2023-01-10T12:04:27-06:00

If you have a clogged garbage disposal do not us a plunger as that could destroy internal seals causing catastrophic damage. Instead, unplug the unit, put a bucket under the disposal, disassemble all piping on the unit and clear any debris. If the clog remains and is further into the plumbing piping you will need to call a drain cleaning specialist.

How can I tell if I need plumbing repair?2023-01-10T12:04:00-06:00

There are all sorts of ways to recognize a problem with your plumbing system. The specific clues can depend on the appliance or fixture. For example, if your water heater is making a banging sound, it’s often because sediment buildup is reacting to the water heater’s heating elements. Unusual sounds are a great way to recognize trouble, but you should also keep an eye out for signs of a leak or water damage. Howe can trace the problem back to the source to ensure a lasting solution rather than a temporary stopgap.

Why does my plumbing sound like a foghorn?2023-01-10T12:03:28-06:00

Has your plumbing ever made a low, groaning sound that resembles a foghorn? It can be startling, and often implies there’s trouble brewing somewhere in your network of pipes and plumbing fixtures. The interconnected pipes and metal can help carry sound, making it more difficult to pinpoint where the problem is starting.

Loose washers, high water pressure (known as a water hammer) and worn pipes are some of the most common sources of this loud, worrisome sound. A great way to minimize the risk of these issues is to ensure all piping and fixtures are secured and tightly sealed.

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Howe’s experienced, friendly plumbers are standing by to help you with your next problem. To schedule an appointment or learn more about what plumbing equipment is included, call or text Howe today at 605-339-2020.

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