Safe, Efficient Commercial Piping Services from Howe

Safe, Efficient Commercial Piping Services from Howe

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Commercial piping systems require resilient, well-designed piping. They’re generally much larger than average residential systems and often include custom parts or equipment. This allows them to handle a large staff, specialty materials and the unique challenges of their industry.

Howe’s expert plumbers and technicians can assist with the design, installation, and maintenance of commercial mechanical piping in Sioux Falls, SD. We have extensive experience working with all facets from top-quality materials. Learn more by calling or texting Howe today at 605-339-2020. For emergency service, call right away.


Commercial properties demand a lot from their plumbing systems. Commercial mechanical piping is often under heavy, constant use, and since even small problems can halt productivity, they need to be made from highly durable materials. Howe’s commitment to top-quality materials and customer service will serve your commercial plumbing system well.

Our plumbing experts are backed by more than 80 years of experience. They can seamlessly replace aging equipment or help you build a new system from scratch. Every installation is treated with the same care regardless.

Interested in making your business more environmentally friendly? Howe’s expert plumbers can design and install green piping systems that comply with the standards established by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.

For more details about our commercial plumbing, call or text us today. Here’s a closer look at some of our available piping services.

  • Domestic Water Piping
  • Sanitary Waste & Vent Piping
  • Storm & Roof Drainage Piping
  • Medical Gas & Vacuum Piping
  • Natural & LP Gas Piping
  • Hydronic Piping – Chilled, Geo, Hot Water
  • Steam and Condensate Systems
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Domestic Water Piping

Most homes and businesses get their water from a municipal supply. Massive systems of underground piping deliver potable water across communities. Your domestic water piping connects your commercial property to this municipal supply.

We carefully install domestic water piping for secure connections and long-lasting stability. Our plumbers can recommend materials that best suit your business’ needs.

Sanitary Waste & Vent Piping

When disposing of sewage, greywater and excess gasses, commercial-grade plumbing provides safe and swift removal. These plumbing systems are designed to gradually lead waste materials down and away from a building’s primary drainage.

To keep water and sewage flowing in the right direction, sanitary waste piping must maintain the correct air pressure. This can be accomplished through vent piping. Also called a drain-waste vent, these systems release sewer gases and allow oxygen to flow back down and maintain the air pressure.

Storm & Roof Drainage Piping

Rainfall can overwhelm both private and municipal plumbing systems. To combat this, quality storm drainage piping is a must.

On large rooftops, roof drainage piping can prevent standing water from causing any damage, especially as it freezes and expands in winter.

Medical Gas & Vacuum Piping

Some commercial plumbing systems prioritize health and well-being. Medical gas piping delivers oxygen and anesthetics to hospitals, including surgery operating rooms. We can install piping that will safely transport these gasses wherever they are needed.

Natural & LP Gas Piping

Natural gas is one of the most affordable and efficient sources of fuel available today. Howe will make sure your natural gas plumbing is safe to depend on and a cost-effective system for your business.

Hydronic Piping

Did you know that water can be used for your business’ climate control? Known as hydronic piping, these systems can be installed in the walls and flooring of commercial properties. As the water is warmed or cooled, the indoor temperature changes accordingly. It can be an efficient solution, especially when backed by our 24/7 emergency repair support.

  • Chilled Hydronic Piping: Chilled water is an effective way to keep your commercial property cooler during the summer months. Hydronic piping is sometimes used to transport other refrigerated liquids like antifreeze.
  • Geothermal Hydronic Piping: Using the earth’s radiant heat is a great way to improve your business’ energy efficiency. Geothermal hydronic piping takes advantage of this renewable source of heat.
  • Hot Water Hydronic Piping: Hydronic heating provides an even distribution of hot water. For large commercial systems, that takes a lot of energy and water pressure. Our commercial piping installation is up to the challenge.

Custom Solutions with Howe Expertise

Howe has extensive experience working with REVIT and other digital tools. We can quickly design custom parts and equipment for your commercial piping. With state-of-the-art prefabrication and welding facilities, we can even manufacture them in-house.

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Professional Design and Service for Your Commercial Piping

In and around Sioux Falls, Howe is the number one name for commercial piping service. Let us help you design your next plumbing system or keep it in excellent condition. Whether it’s a single component or the entire system, we’ve got you covered. 

Call or text us today at 605-339-2020 to speak with a member of our staff. 

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