Commercial Hydronic Piping from Howe’s Local Experts

Commercial Hydronic Piping from Howe’s Local Experts

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The size and complexity of many commercial properties make traditional heating and cooling systems less efficient. In order to keep your business or industry thriving, consider alternative ways to maintain comfortable temperatures. Hydronic piping and similar systems can provide climate control for your commercial property as well as other specialized benefits.

But since these pipes transport chilled and hot water as well as steam, safe and efficient installation is a must. Howe’s expert commercial plumbers can help you install a hydronic piping system. And with fast repair services and 24/7 emergency support, we’ll keep things flowing in the right direction.

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What Is Hydronic Piping?

Hydronic piping uses fluids like water to move heat for indoor climate control. Hot water can be used to efficiently heat large commercial properties such as high-rise facilities. If the water is chilled, hydronic systems can serve as an effective alternative to central air conditioning. Some systems even use steam heating, which function similarly to a hydronics system.

Commercial properties and industrial facilities look for all kinds of opportunities to keep utility costs down, making hydronic piping a welcome addition. In fact, hydronic piping is efficient enough to provide heating to college campuses, business districts and even entire cities.

These piping systems can be designed in a number of ways, with a single or multiple sets of piping. Multi-pipe systems like two-pipe direct return or two-pipe reverse return are more expensive, but allow a greater degree of control of where the heating and cooling is distributed.

When installing hydronic piping, Howe hydronic experts will ensure everything is properly balanced and can accommodate thermal expansion. Otherwise, excessive heat or pressure could lead to the entire system failing. We offer the installation, repair and maintenance of the following hydronic piping and similar systems:

  • Chilled Hydronic Piping
  • Geothermal Hydronic Piping
  • Hot Water Hydronic Piping
  • Steam Heating System

Chilled Hydronic Piping

With chilled hydronic piping, cold water or other liquids like antifreeze and glycol can effectively cool large commercial properties. Powerful chillers or cooling towers remove heat from the liquid, which is then transported throughout the building via hydronic piping. As ambient heat is absorbed, it is returned to the chilling equipment to repeat the process.

Geothermal Hydronic Piping

Because summer heat and winter cold can only reach so far underground, temperatures are relatively moderate past a certain depth. Developers can now take advantage of these stable temperatures by installing a geothermal hydronic piping system.

A fluid-source heat pump is placed indoors and is responsible for transferring the heat to or from the building. Underground, a heat exchanger generates the heat during heating cycles while serving as a thermal sink during the cooling season. Some systems can submerge the piping in bodies of water instead of under the ground.

Hot Water Hydronic Piping

In order to have an efficient hot water hydronic piping system, a quality boiler is required. Boilers sized for commercial and industrial buildings should be able to heat enough water quickly and consistently enough for evenly heating the entire building.

Many hot water hydronic piping systems use additional chemicals to improve efficiency and safety. For example, some chemicals can inhibit the growth of mold spores and bacteria while others prevent corrosion.

Steam Heating System

When well-maintained, a steam heating system can be a viable choice for commercial HVAC equipment. Less equipment needs to be installed, and what remains is of comparatively simpler design. Depending on maintenance costs and other relevant expenses, steam piping may make the most economic sense for your commercial property.

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Howe’s Uncompromising Standards Ensure Quality Hydronic Piping

Howe’s commercial plumbing and hydronic piping experts can evaluate your heating and cooling needs before recommending the ideal hydronic piping system. Our specialized knowledge and equipment will ensure a seamless transition and provide your business with the greatest chance of success. 

Learn more about hydronic piping by calling or texting Howe at 605-339-2020 today. 

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