Commercial Plumbing Installation

Commercial Plumbing Installation

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For commercial and industrial buildings, even the simplest commercial plumbing install jobs are important for ensuring safe, productive facilities. Howe offers commercial plumbing installation for new, replacement or retrofitted plumbing equipment, parts, and systems. We can even assist with the design and installation of custom, prefabricated components.

When performing commercial plumbing installation, our team of experts will do their best to minimize system downtime. After all, even a few minutes can be enough to disrupt production, other systems or your staff. We use our state-of-the-art design equipment and fabrication shop to their fullest potential, creating custom solutions that reduce system downtime and improve efficiency better than the competition. When you are ready for solutions, call or text Howe today at 605-339-2020 to speak with our staff.


Howe’s plumbing experts can manage every detail of an industrial or commercial plumbing installation project, whether we’re repiping entire facilities or installing small, custom-made parts. These plumbing systems are generally larger and more complex than residential systems due to the higher demands of industries like manufacturing, or accessibility requirements for ADA compliance. They also often regularly deal with hazardous materials and other site conditions that make performing installation a sensitive and intricate task. For facilities hosting large events, there may be thousands of people using the plumbing system every few minutes, which can be difficult to properly accommodate.

Luckily, Howe’s team of professionals is up to the challenge. Our team can ensure the prompt, safe installation of commercial plumbing equipment such as:

Pipes: For many businesses, traditional drain, waste and vent plumbing is only one of several piping systems. Many industries also work with specialty piping, process piping, medical gas piping, fire protection piping – even piping to heat or cool the facility. Whether your piping system is needed for water, sewage, gas or something unique to your industry, you can trust Howe.

Fixtures: Commercial and industrial plumbing fixtures in facilities can include everything from employee bathrooms to full laboratory fixtures designed to handle the harshest conditions. In many cases, these fixtures provide important safety functions, such as draining away excess waste products or keeping volatile materials separated. They’re also frequently made from different materials, such as stainless steel or glass piping.

Appliances/Equipment: Many of the plumbing systems we install incorporate products such as boilers and water softeners as well as sewage ejectors, interceptors, mixing valves or sump pumps. This also includes closed piping for hydronics, like radiant floor heating and snowmelt systems.


New Commercial Plumbing Installation

A brand-new plumbing component or system is an opportunity to ensure maximum efficiency from the very beginning. Howe technicians are careful to keep new parts in as pristine condition as possible so that your business can benefit from them for years to come.

Replacement Installation

Only the simplest installation jobs are plug and play. For most projects, it can be a balancing act between minimizing disruption and downtime against the facilities’ existing operations as you find the best way to integrate replacement parts. Howe can replace or install components of your commercial plumbing system with unmatched precision. We have access to all brands, work with top-quality materials and can recommend options that best suit your business’ needs.

Retrofitted Parts

A unique challenge of installing retrofitted parts is making sure older equipment or components can keep up with their modern counterparts. When handled by experienced professionals, the retrofitting of even a handful of plumbing elements can help keep the entire system in better shape.

Custom Design and Installation

Howe offers state-of-the-art prefabrication services ideal for designing and building custom components and systems as well as 3D modeling for efficient system layouts. Only proven experts with years of industry experience can turn your unique plumbing problem into an effective turnkey solution. For commercial plumbing and piping systems, Howe can offer custom design, fabrication and support for:

  • Utility and process piping
  • Hydronics piping
  • HDPE fusion welding
  • Specialty piping
  • Medical piping
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Howe Offers Proven Success for Plumbing Installation

Your commercial plumbing and piping systems deserve professional care. Whether you own or operate a small business or sprawling industrial plant, our team will ensure the seamless integration of new, replacement, retrofitted and custom plumbing.

To request a quote for installation, call or text Howe today at 605-339-2020.

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