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Flooding is disastrous for any home. Heavy rains, melting snow and other issues can result in extensive water damage. Regardless of where it comes from, cleanup is an expensive and time-consuming process. A reliable sump pump offers protection and prevention when you need it.

Even if you don’t use it 99% of the time, it’s the remaining 1% that makes a working sump pump in your home worth the effort. This appliance prevents flood or groundwater from getting into your home, creating a reliable layer of defense. We offer sump pump inspections and repair in Sioux Falls, SD, and the surrounding communities as part of our comprehensive plumbing services. Our plumbing professionals can also deliver seamless sump pump replacement when the old model has reached the end of its life. To speak with our staff, call or text us today at 605-339-2020!


While most often found in basements, a sump pump is designed to protect the lowest parts of your home from rising water levels. Three primary components make up a sump pump system, consisting of:

  • The sump pit: Also known as a basin, this hole is usually dug beneath the main floor of your home’s basement. The pit is generally connected to drain tile buried around the perimeter of your home. As groundwater levels start to rise, it runs through the drain tile into the sump pit. · While Howe does not dig train tile or sump holes, we can help coordinate with vendors who specialize in that work.
  • The sump pump: This submerged pump ensures groundwater doesn’t reach your home. Most models use a float switch system to trigger the pumping mechanism when the sump pit water capacity reaches a certain point. Rising water levels will automatically signal the sump pump to turn on.
  • The drain line: Water is pumped out by the sump pump through the line into a designated drainage area a safe distance away from the house.

If your sump pump runs often, or you want extra peace of mind, it’s often recommended to have a second pump with a backup energy source. Severe weather or other natural disasters can cause power outages. Fortunately, many backup pumps can run off an emergency battery. There are even water powered sump pumps that work by using the water supply from the city to pump groundwater from the sump pit in the event of a power outage.


Many homeowners assume they’re only vulnerable to flooding if they live right next to a river or other large body of water. But a variety of conditions can expose your home to the hazards of water damage, including:

  1. Heavy rain or snow: The soil surrounding your home can only hold so much water. Large amounts of rain or snowmelt can overwhelm the water table, forcing excess groundwater into your unprotected basement.
  2. Flood-prone geography: Low-lying properties are more vulnerable to a sudden increase in nearby water levels. This is especially true if your soil is poorly draining, or if your home is surrounded by hills.

Available Products

Zoeller 50 Series Sump Pump

Zoeller Model 53 Sump Pump

This professional-grade, 3/10 HP sump pump is ideal for residential dewatering or septic tank use. Choose from cast-iron or bronze models and make the most of this pump’s Vortex-style impeller to keep water out of your home.

  • Corrosion-resistant, power-coated epoxy finish
  • Watertight and dust-tight design including an oil-filled, hermetically sealed motor
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty on labor, 3-Year Limited Warranty on the pump

Zoeller Aquanot Fit 508 Battery Back Up Sump Pump

Enjoy peace of mind with the self-testing, 12 volt Zoller Aquanot Fit 508 battery backup system. Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity enables Z Control® for safety notifications and remote access. This pump is designed to provide up to 6 hours of continuous use when the primary pump power is interrupted or more capacity is necessary.

  • Controller automatically charges and includes smart diagnostics technology
  • Can be used with multiple batteries with the extra battery case and hookup wire
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty on qualifying models
Zoeller Aquanot Fit 508 Backup Battery Sump Pump

Liberty SJ10 Water-Powered Back Up Sump Pump

Liberty’s SumpJet® Model SJ10 is a water-powered back up sump pump powered by your home’s own municipal water supply. This pump can remove 2 gallons of water from your home for every 1 gallon used. This pump is fully automatic and arrives fully assembled and ready for installation.

  • Variable performance according to the inlet water source pressure and pumping head
  • Requires an uninterrupted water source for operation. Well pumps are not compatible during power outages
  • 3-Year Standard Warranty on the SJ10


Whether you need new installation or sump pump replacement service, Howe’s team of seasoned plumbers will protect your home from water damage. Call or text us at 605-339-2020 to learn what model and backup options could be ideal for your home.

If you’re still on the fence, here are a few benefits of sump pump installation:

Prevent Flooding and Severe Water Damage

Floodwater can reach everything in your basement, including appliances commonly kept there like washing machines and water heaters. Additionally, anything kept in storage is at risk of being ruined.

Discourage Fungal Growth or Insect Infestations

Even minor flood damage can be disastrous behind the scenes. These hidden conditions are ideal for mold and mildew. Before you know it, these infestations can get out of control and will be difficult, expensive and time consuming to remedy.

Receive Helpful Notifications and Alarms

Zoeller sump pumps include the APak® Z Control Indoor Alarm system for both Standard and Z Control models. You’ll receive alarms about water level, low battery, and other useful information. These notifications are delivered via text, email or push notifications right to your phone.

Protect Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality and Structural Integrity

Water damage can weaken the very foundation of your home. If floodwaters persist, they can weaken your health as well. Floodwater can carry disease, waste, and other hazardous materials. Even if the water recedes fairly quickly, the resulting fungal growth can negatively affect your indoor air quality. This is especially worrisome if someone in your household has respiratory problems.

Howe’s team of plumbers can protect your home and everything in it with our sump pump repair, sump pump inspection, and installation services. Call or text us at 605-339-2020 to learn more. You can also schedule an appointment online.

Sump Pump FAQs

What size sump pump do I need?2023-02-09T14:20:00-06:00

The “normal” sump pump is 1/3 horse power. All this means is how much power it has to lift and pump water. If you have a deep sump pit, or the pump needs to lift the water a long way to get it out of your home you may need a larger sump pump. That is something our technicians would decide when we install, or replace your sump pump based on the manufacturer guidelines on pumping capacity

One more thing about sump pumps to mention… if your sump pump runs a lot or you just want peace of mind, call us at 605-339-2020 to discuss a backup sump pump or a monitoring system for the one you currently have. There are options that run on batteries, and even an option that uses the water supply coming in to your home to pump this water out so you do not have to worry if the power goes out. The monitoring systems we install can tie into your system to send you an alert if the water in the sump pit isn’t being pumped out. They can also monitor usage and perform monthly testing. Several customers that have had problems in the past have let us help them protect their home. Reach out to us to discuss any of these things at anytime!

How long do sump pumps last?2023-02-09T14:19:15-06:00

In areas with high levels of ground water some people’s sump pumps run all year, some people have sump pumps that rarely or even never run so this is a tough question to answer. A high quality pump should last several years. The pumps we generally install have a 3 year warranty.

How does a sump pump work?2023-02-09T14:18:52-06:00

In the same pit as the sump pump there is a ball that floats in water attached to a float switch. When there is no water in the pit that ball is in its lowest position and the pump is off because the float switch keeps it off. As water rises in the pit, the ball floats and when it floats to a certain point the float switch turns the pump on. When the water level falls to the point that the ball is no longer floating, the pump turns off. This cycle happens over and over to keep your basement dry.

What is a sump pump and what is it used for?2023-02-09T14:18:26-06:00

A sump pump is a pump that is installed in a sump pit in some basements. Usually this sump pit is connected to perforated piping that goes all around the house underground. Water enters these pipes through the perforations and flows into a pit. The sump pump sits in this pit and when it fills with water the pump comes on to pump the water away from the home. The alternative would be water building up underground around your home and possibly leaking in to the basement through the foundation. This systems is very effective at collecting water and pumping it away into the storm drain rather than winding up in your basement.

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Howe’s team of plumbers can protect your home and everything in it with our sump pump repair, inspection, and installation services. Call or text us at 605-339-2020 to learn more. You can also schedule an appointment online.

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