Specialty Piping Services from Howe’s Certified Experts

Specialty Piping Services from Howe’s Certified Experts

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There are unique challenges for commercial plumbing systems. Many industries work with custom equipment or hazardous materials. To keep things running smoothly and safely, they rely on specially designed piping. And to keep these plumbing systems in good shape, they rely on Howe. Our expert staff offer a range of specialty piping services, and can assist you with everything from design to installation.

Whether you need help choosing the right material or designing the most efficient layout, Howe provides solutions you can trust. Call or text us today at 605-339-2020 for more information about our specialty piping services in Sioux Falls, SD. For emergency support, make sure to call right away.

Available Specialty Piping Services

Depending on the industry, commercial properties must store or use harmful materials. This could be a flammable gas, corrosive acid or waste product. Howe engineers can recommend piping durable enough to keep these materials where they belong. Our comprehensive experience includes working with the following specialty piping systems and types:

Process Piping

Process piping is an umbrella term for piping systems that aren’t a part of your utilities. Instead, these piping systems are used for manufacturing or other industrial uses. Depending on the manufacturing process, materials transported in process piping are subject to high pressure or a vacuum.  

Process piping must be durable. These systems often include complex valves and custom plumbing to regulate how the materials inside the pipes will be used. Quality process piping is vital for industries like chemical, pharmaceutical and textile manufacturing. 

Specialty Gases

Some industries use gases more specialized than standard industrial materials. To be used efficiently, specialty gases are often extremely pure. And when mixed with other materials, measurements must be exact. Howe engineers can help you design piping capable of meeting these strict requirements. 

Acid Waste & Vent Piping

After being subject to complex industrial processes, many waste chemicals must be carefully disposed of. For acid waste, this means using piping that can resist corrosion. Certain materials can even neutralize the acidic qualities to keep the pipes themselves from corroding. 

Another challenge of acid waste disposal is ensuring gas byproducts are safely vented out. We can design and install vent piping capable of safe and swift disposal. 

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HDPE Fusion Welding

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) piping is one of the best materials for industrial plumbing. It’s tough yet flexible design suits a broad range of specialty piping applications. Consider investing in HDPE piping for a cost-efficient, leak-resistant material.  

Innovative fusion welding is required to manufacture HDPE piping. Howe engineers can design top-quality HDPE piping according to your exact specifications. Call or text today to ask about our pre-fabrication services. 

High-Purity Piping 

Industries can’t compromise on the purity of the materials they use. In order to create a consistent product or manufacturing process, measurements must be exact. Inefficient piping can allow outside materials to ruin these precise mixtures. 

High-purity piping can fall under process piping and other commercial plumbing systems. To ensure high purity, make sure installation and maintenance is handled by proven experts like Howe. 

Oil Piping 

As a flammable material, fuel oil is subject to higher standards for safety and efficiency. Piping designed to store or transport oil should be well-sealed, especially when used for a manufacturing process. 

Food-Grade Piping  

Food grade is a unique specification for commercial piping systems. In order to qualify as food grade, the piping must remain nontoxic even when in direct contact with consumable products. Otherwise, unhealthy or even harmful substances could make it into the things we eat or drink. Howe ensures all food-grade piping is sanitary and hygienic. 

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Specialty Piping Deserves Expert Support

Howe is the premier solution for specialty piping services in and around Sioux Falls, SD. Speak with our staff to learn how we can design, install and maintain your specialty piping equipment.

To get started, call or text us at 605-339-2020. 

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