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Commercial plumbing systems for businesses, industrial facilities and other properties are complex and often very specialized. Howe’s expert technicians have years of experience providing industrial and commercial plumbing repair for Sioux Falls and many surrounding South Dakota communities. Whether a vital system has failed or a pipe needs repair, you can depend on Howe for fast and professional solutions.

To schedule an appointment for industrial or commercial plumbing repair, call or text Howe at 605-339-2020 today. We’ll resolve the problem as soon as possible.


Howe’s commercial plumbing service is built on more than 80 years of experience. In that time, we’ve worked with a wide variety of commercial plumbing systems and their components. Quality repair services are available for things like:

Plumbing – This includes standard plumbing—like fixtures for the properties’ bathrooms—as well as commercial boilers or water heaters. Howe technicians will make sure your building’s core plumbing systems continue to function efficiently.

Piping – Many industrial and commercial properties feature multiple unique piping systems. They may be an important part of a manufacturing process, or are responsible for crucial safety measures. Howe experts will keep all commercial piping systems in good repair, including:

Water Treatment/Systems – Howe plumbing experts repair many systems used for water treatment or sanitation, such as water softeners and filtration equipment. These plumbing systems keep potable water clean and healthy for daily use.

Custom – Commercial plumbing often needs custom parts to fulfill a unique role or accomplish a specialized task. Not only can Howe help keep these custom plumbing parts in good repair, but we can even assist with their design and fabrication. Call or text for more info about commercial welding and fabrication of custom plumbing parts.

If you need emergency plumbing repair, call Howe right away at 605-339-2020. We offer 24/7 emergency support because we understand that many commercial plumbing problems can’t wait until morning for a resolution.



The difference in needs, materials used and even the layout itself makes each commercial plumbing system different from the last. In order to ensure consistently effective repairs, Howe professionals understand these differences, including:

Commercial plumbing systems are larger and more complex: The sheer size and density of many commercial plumbing systems can influence what problems are more common as well as the best options for repairs. For example, taller buildings must keep water pressure consistent from the 1st floor to the top floor. Other facilities host large events with hundreds or even thousands of people, increasing the number of people using these systems at the same time.

Many systems need custom parts or equipment: Commercial properties like industrial plants rely on custom components for process piping or other specialized manufacturing equipment. Howe technicians pay close attention to custom components to keep them in working shape.

Industrial plants and similar properties work with hazardous materials: From flammable fuel sources to volatile chemicals, commercial plumbing such as specialty piping must often be durable enough to stand up to hazardous materials.

There are additional regulations for safety: Local, state and federal regulations make sure the products we use and the services we enjoy are safe. Regulations for commercial plumbing may restrict how repairs are completed, or if specific certifications are legally required. For example, many facilities must include ADA accommodations to make sure the entire community can enjoy them.

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Our licensed, certified professionals are ready to get your commercial plumbing system back in shape with the best repair service in and around Sioux Falls. In fact, communities across the Midwest have come to rely on Howe for fast and effective repairs. 

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