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Breathe Easy with Howe’s Indoor Air Quality Solutions 

Breathe Easy with Howe’s Indoor Air Quality Solutions 

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When most people think about the sense of comfort they feel at home, temperature comes to mind. Finding the right balance between heating and cooling is important, but not the only aspect of home comfort. If you take the time to improve indoor air quality, a host of benefits are sure to follow.

At Howe, we ensure you and your family are as comfortable as possible. We offer several solutions for improving indoor air quality in Sioux Falls, like air filter upgrades, UV lights, Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV / HRV), whole-home humidifiers, whole home dehumidifiers and bipolar ionization. Depending on your priorities, we can recommend and install the ideal solutions for your HVAC system.

Call or text our staff today at 605-339-2020 to request more details or a free quote for IAQ equipment.

Let’s Optimize Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Many homeowners underestimate the impact of poor indoor air quality, and that starts with assuming their home isn’t at risk. But according to the EPA, indoor air is often 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoors! This is because of modern construction and insulation techniques. Our homes are better sealed to reduce energy loss, with the unfortunate byproduct of higher concentrations of pollutants.

We spend close to 90% of our time each day inside, making reliable solutions a must. Howe offers quality equipment designed to address specific IAQ concerns.


Available Products

Lennox PureAir Air Purification System

Lennox PureAir™ Air Purification System

The ultimate, whole home air purifier. The Lennox PureAir™ system filters out a wide range of airborne particles, microorganisms and even odors down to .3 microns in size. PureAir™ is also energy smart, providing quality filtration without raising your monthly bill.

  • Removes 99% of airborne viruses, bacteria, fungal spores and other contaminants
  • Offers high-efficiency air filtration with the Lennox Healthy Climate™ Carbon Clean 16® air filter
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on qualifying components

Aprilaire Model 2210 Air Purifier

The Aprilaire 2210 Whole Home Air Purifier protects you and your home’s HVAC system with effective filtration of airborne contaminants. Install it anywhere your home’s air quality is struggling, like garages, workshops, attics, basements and more.

  • Traps mold, animal dander, pollen and even microscopic viruses
  • The Pure Fit Promise: Self Seal™ technology ensures you filter remains in place
  • Maintenance is easy: simply replace the 2210’s air filter each year for reliable air purification
Honeywell Thermostat

Honeywell T10 Pro Smart Thermostat

Honeywell’s T10 Smart Thermostat can make the day to day managing of your HVAC system a breeze. Just use your thermostat according to your comfort preferences, and the T10 will gradually learn the best way to run your heating and cooling.

  • Smart programming balances comfort needs with an energy efficient schedule
  • Includes Redlink® Room Sensors to control the temperature and humidity of multiple rooms at once
  • Manage your home’s comfort from anywhere with an app for your phone or tablet

Aprilaire Model 600 Whole House Humidifier

Automatic humidifier with dual sensors to monitor and respond to both outdoor temperature and indoor relative humidity to deliver optimum humidity 24/7 throughout the home – simply set it and forget it. 

  • Balances humidity levels for homes up to 2,500 square feet in size
  • Helps reduce respiratory symptoms related to seasonal and pet allergies, asthma and other breathing problems
  • Preserves humidity-sensitive furniture, wood flooring and more

Aprilaire Model 800 Whole House Steam Humidifier

Unlike the 600 model, the Aprilaire 800 Whole House Humidifier uses steam to balance indoor humidity levels. A submerged electrical current generates enough steam for up to 34 additional gallons of moisture, plenty for whole home comfort.

  • Provides full coverage for homes up to 5,200 square feet
  • Includes variable output levels so you don’t produce any more humidity than what you need
  • Simplifies operation and maintenance with a replaceable electrode canister. Swap it out each year to prepare for the next humidifier season

iWave-R Air Purifier

A different kind of air purifier, the iWave-R uses bipolar ionization to deactivate microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. The iWave-R is compatible with any brand of residential duct air conditioners; simply attach it to the inside or outside of your ductwork near the AC’s air handler.

  • Also reduces smoke and odor particles, static electricity and more
  • Designed for self-cleaning every few days, maximizing daily performance
  • No maintenance or replacement parts across the iWave-R’s entire lifespan
Honeywell Air Purifier

Honeywell Home UV Air Purifier

Ultraviolet light has germicidal qualities, capable of reducing a large number of airborne contaminants. Honeywell’s UV Air Purifier combines UV light with activated carbon cells for total protection. These lamps can run continuously for about a year before needing to be replaced.

  • Airbright® Odor Absorption traps and eliminates the smells of toxins, chemicals, germs and mold
  • Installation is fast and easy, as the UV Air Purifier Lamp can be attached right on the inside of your ductwork.
  • Replacement handles and detachable replacement lamps are easy to swap out.

Lennox HRV Ventilation System

Lennox’s Heat Recovery Ventilator is perfect for improving airflow in cooler climates. This ventilation system draws in fresh outdoor air while expelling stagnant indoor air. Heat is recycled to improve energy efficiency and manage condensation.

  • Great for homes with tight seals and spray-foam insulation, as these things can make indoor air stale
  • Healthy Climate® technology doesn’t produce ozone, a toxic and environmentally damaging gas
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty on qualifying components
Lennox HRV150
Lennox ERV

Lennox ERV Ventilation System

The Energy-Recovery Ventilator from Lennox is the HRV’s counterpart, better suited to warm and humid climates. As the ventilation system draws in outdoor air, excess heat and moisture is transferred to the outgoing airflow stream.

  • Continually refreshes your home with outdoor air, but leaves allergens and other unwanted guests out
  • Also comes with Healthy Climate® technology to provide more environmentally-friendly comfort
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty on qualifying components

Aprilaire Model 1830 Whole House Dehumidifier

The Aprilaire 1830 is a streamlined, effective choice for drawing excess humidity out of smaller homes like townhouses and condos as well as the crawlspace or basement of larger homes. The Model 1830 is built to last and designed with minimal maintenance in mind.

  • Capable of removing up to 9 gallons of water each day from your home
  • Helps prevent mold, mildew, termites and wood rot
  • Includes a 5 year warranty for true peace of mind

Aprilaire Model 1850 Whole House Dehumidifier

A larger model similar to the Aprilaire Model 1830, the 1850 removes nearly 12 gallons of water each day. This dehumidifier can be ducted to the rest of your HVAC system, pulling excess moisture from the air as it passes by. 

  • There’s no water tray to empty, so setup and maintenance is easy. Just make sure you clean or replace the filter once a year 
  • Attach the control panel to either the top or side of the Model 1850 for easy access to the controls 
  • Also backed by a 5-year warranty 

There Are Other Solutions for Improving Indoor Air Quality

Because everyone at Howe values your sense of comfort, we’d like to share some other options for improving indoor air quality, such as:

  • Smart thermostats: Smart technology isn’t just for your phone. Many models of smart thermostat come with IAQ accessories, and can provide helpful reminders. With remote controls, you can monitor indoor air quality from anywhere you want!
  • Air filter maintenance: The filter in your HVAC system is one of the best defenses against airborne particulates. Luckily, keeping it in good shape is fast and easy. Make sure to clean or replace your air filter on a regular basis, and consider installing one with a higher MERV rating.

The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value can help you identify how well each filter traps particles of extremely small size. Howe can ensure your air filters are well maintained as part of our residential furnace and air conditioning maintenance services.

Indoor Air Quality FAQs

Make sure your next indoor air quality purchase is the perfect one for you—and trust the friendly team at Howe, Inc., to help. Our helpful FAQs provide the info and guidance needed so that no matter what decision you make, it’s an informed choice based on reliable data. We are here to help, call or text us anytime at 605-339-2020. 

How often should I change my air filter? 2023-01-19T08:41:53-06:00

Generally, you should change your filter every 30 to 60 days. Depending on the amount of foot traffic in your home and if you have pets you may need to change them sooner to keep your HVAC system working at peak performance. There are some newer filters on the market that will make it anywhere from 6 months to a year depending on your indoor air quality.

What are common air pollutants to watch out for? 2023-01-19T08:41:32-06:00

Some of the most common pollutants in an average home include mold, radon, pet dander and tobacco smoke.

Can poor air quality make you sick? 2023-01-19T08:41:11-06:00

Yes. Poor air quality can make you sick, and it can also worsen symptoms for those with respiratory conditions like allergies or asthma.

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Manage Indoor Air Quality with Howe Support

If you’re interested in improving your home’s air quality, call or text our staff at 605-339-2020. We can discuss your unique requirements and recommend the solutions best for you. Request a free quote today.

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