Strip Field PM Technology

Like most other industries, the plumbing and HVAC trades are impacted by advancements in technology.

At Howe, we work with a variety of digital systems and equipment that make our jobs more efficient and effective. Among them is a construction project management software system called Procore. When our team is working on a commercial project, we use the Procore system to streamline the many moving parts of service work that occur on a job site.

Using Procore, a project manager is able to create digital plans and drawings off site, and manage multiple projects at once. This speeds up the collaboration process and reduces the number of calculation errors. The documents can be sent to other teams working on the project – such as an architecture firm or an electrical company – to be synced up with their own documents, allowing everyone to check their work for accuracy.

With a prefabrication plan there are fewer individual pieces that need to be connected together on site – kind of like having a head start on a puzzle, with some of the pieces already put together.

What used to take multiple crew members a few days to layout on site can now easily happen on the computer screen of a project manager. The manager can send a single team member to a site with the plan, and an easier job to do. Procore Project Management allows us to complete commercial jobs with more collaboration, but in less time – which saves time and money for our clients.

These layers of added efficiency combine to greatly reduce costs and cut the time and manpower needed to complete projects. These benefits also trickle down to benefit the other trades working on site.

The Procore software is just one of the technologies that Howe uses to efficiently manage projects for our clients. Like the old adage says – we work smarter.