Commercial HVAC Clogged Filter

Not all commercial buildings are up to par when it comes to the working order of their Fire Protection System or HVAC System. Neglect in servicing these on a regular basis can not only reduce the life expectancy of the system, but may but may also risk the health and safety of people inside. Hear from our Howe Commercial Fire Protection Service Coordinator, Josh Whitcomb, and Commercial HVAC Service Manager, Adam Sundermann, and find out everything you need to know about how often your commercial systems should be serviced, what happens during the service call and the benefits it has for the building, the system, and everyone inside.

Our Fire Protection Service Coordinator advises that a commercial fire sprinkler system be serviced and flushed out at least once a year, or more frequently depending on what your insurance provider requires. Depending on the size of the area that needs to be inspected the length can vary from an hour for smaller buildings and systems all the way up to a week for larger campuses.

A typical maintenance inspection starts with a walk-through of the building to look for noticeable deficiencies and anything not up to code. Our certified technicians check to make sure nothing has been hung on the pipes, and nothing is leaking. Existing belts and oil are also checked and can be serviced during a maintenance visit.

Our Commercial HVAC Service Manager suggests scheduling service visits semiannually, once in the fall and once in the spring. During a typical visit our technician will change out the filter to increase indoor air quality, clean the coils of cotton or other debris that may have built up, tighten or change the belt, and check the refrigerate levels and drain pan.

Keeping these systems well serviced and in proper working order improves efficiency, reliability, and longevity of the system. Servicing a fire sprinkler system and flushing out the pipes can reduce the buildup of black slug that builds in the pipes (as pictured) and can help ensure your system is in working order when you need it most. Regularly servicing a commercial HVAC system can prevent it from malfunctioning when the cold or hot weather hits. A service visit also keeps your system clean by changing out filters and cleaning the drain pans regularly to prevent anything from collecting or growing that can reduce air quality in the building (as pictured).

Fire Protection System Pipe Buildup

Schedule a maintenance and service visit with one of the experts at Howe today to protect the safety of everyone in your building and keep your systems running efficiently! Our mobile system allows our technicians to view the history of our maintenance visits while on the job to check previously flagged problems or past part replacements to ensure total care for your commercial systems!