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Home remodels can upgrade your lifestyle – but did you know that they could also save you money? Homeowners looking to remodel their bathroom should consider the benefits of modern toilets and other efficient additions, such as faucets and shower heads.

The City of Sioux Falls offers several plumbing rebates because “replacing old, inefficient water-using devices can save thousands of gallons each year.” It’s good for the community and good for you.

One of the rebates that the City offers is for efficient replacement toilets. The City offers $75 for the first residential toilet replacement, $60 for the second, and $50 for each additional toilet after that. There is also a $50 rebate available for non-residential toilet replacements.

There are many bathroom-plumbing fixtures that conserve water without compromising performance or appearance. Modern toilets come in sleek designs that can be very suitable for bathrooms with limited space. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, we can help you select the most energy-efficient plumbing fixtures for your household.

To qualify for this rebate from the City of Sioux Falls you need to be a Sioux Falls Utilities water customer and be replacing an existing toilet with a date stamp prior to 1992. You can check the date stamp on your existing toilets by carefully removing the tank lid and looking at the inside tank walls. The date stamp will be on the china area. Purchases must be made from a Sioux Falls retailer and you must have the original sales receipt.

Give us a call to learn more about these rebates and choosing the best new plumbing fixtures for your home. Our plumbing experts are ready to help!