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Routine maintenance can’t prevent all unexpected repair needs, but it can provide a strong foundation for the health and overall longevity of your home’s heating system.

During an annual tune-up, a technician thoroughly inspects, cleans, and adjusts your furnace unit. All moving parts are lubricated and small issues like worn fan belts are fixed before they can trigger bigger, more costly issues. Here are four components of your furnace that benefit from routine maintenance:


A dirty of clogged air filter will reduce airflow, making it harder for your furnace to circulate air. In some cases a clogged filter can even damage the limit switch, which controls the furnace fan.


A furnace fan has many different components that can fall into disrepair. When left unattended, these little breakdowns in function can lead to bigger problems. For example, friction can be created by dry ball bearings in a fan shaft, which will wear on other parts of a furnace. Fan blades can also become loose or bent, as can motor mounts and the fan belts. Frayed wiring can also deteriorate causing larger breaks in the system.


Layers of dust and dirt that accumulate on your furnace burner can lead to uneven heating or an inability for the burners to light, as well as causing excessive wear and tear on the unit. An overworked burner can also cause excessive fuel consumption.


There are two types of electronic ignitions used in furnaces: intermittent and hot surface. When the fuel nozzle of an intermittent pilot gets clogged, it can block gas from flowing. Similarly, when dirt accumulates on the outside of a hot surface igniter the igniter itself won’t get hot enough to light the gas jet. In both cases the furnace will malfunction because these vital components are buried under dirt and dust.

Having your furnace annually inspected by a licensed furnace repair or HVAC technician will help you stay on top of the more serious complications that can arise from a lack of cleaning and regular adjustments.

Preventing costly repairs is the main goal of a routine maintenance plan. Call Howe, Inc. today to schedule a visit with one of our certified furnace technicians.