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Owners of cabins and vacation homes know that heating and cooling can lead to high-energy bills and are finding that upgrading from a manual thermostat to a Wi-Fi programmable thermostat brings many benefits. Learn about some of the advantages of adding a programmable thermostat to your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit below.

Save Money. One of the largest benefits of upgrading your thermostat is the cost you will save on energy bills. Energy Star states you can save as much as $180 in heating and cooling costs each year by switching to a programmable thermostat. During the winter you can save money by setting the thermostat to a lower temperature during the warmer times of the day and let the sun help warm your home.

More Control. Upgrading to a programmable thermostat gives you the ability to control the temperature of your home, even when you aren’t there. If you’re planning on heading to your vacation home and want it to be nice and cool when you arrive, simply use your mobile phone or computer to go online and adjust the temperature. You can set a daily or weekly schedule so your home or cabin is the perfect temperature at all times. A programmable thermostat allows your home’s temperature to be consistent, rather than having to manually increase and decrease the temperatures, using less energy.

Stay on Schedule. Set your home and cabin’s heating and cooling to a regular schedule that fits your daily routines. When your family is home, you’re able to keep the home cool or warm, and while you’re away you can adjust the temperature to a lower or higher degree. Anytime you leave your home for a long period of time you should adjust the temperature 5-8 degrees warmer or cooler, depending on the season, to help save energy.

Having Howe assist with the installation of a new Wi-Fi thermostat provides additional benefits, including initial set-up, the inspection of the unit after proper wiring, and configuration with your home’s wireless network and the related mobile app.

If you’re interested in upgrading the HVAC technology for your home, contact us today. A Howe technician will be able to tell you if your home’s current heating and cooling system is compatible with a Wi-Fi programmable thermostat!