AC Filter

As we settle into the heat of summer this always seems to be the prime time for air conditioning units to fail. But no one wants their cooling unit to fail when they need it most, and the good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way! You can take some simple, proactive steps to prevent your air conditioning system from breaking down.

Nothing puts additional, unnecessary strain on an air conditioning unit like a clogged filter. When your unit is working hard during the summer months, be sure to change the air filter every month.

Additionally, make sure to wash the outside of your unit once a year, as soon as the weather turns warmer. Clearing off the dirt, grass, and animal hair will instantly help the unit run more efficiently.

Then, get a jump-start on the seasonal servicing rush by testing your air conditioning before the thick summer heat sets in. Turn on the system and let it run for a day in the late spring. This will let you know if there are signs of a problem with the system.

If the heat has already gotten the best of your system this year, give us a call at Howe Inc. and we’ll have an experienced technician come out to get your interior space back to cool and comfortable in no time.