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Your heat pump system works hard to deliver year-round comfort. Give it the upkeep it deserves with our quality services for heat pump systems in Sioux Falls, SD, and surrounding areas.

When it comes to heating and cooling, Howe has been trusted by homeowners in and around Sioux Falls for more than 80 years. Our certified technicians deliver the heat pump repair, installation and maintenance services you can depend on. And as your top-rated local Lennox® Premier Dealer™, our family is committed your family’s satisfaction and comfort.

Our technicians are always on call, so we’re here for you when you need us. Learn more about the HVAC services we offer and give us a call at 605-339-2020 to schedule your appointment today.


Your heat pump system typically picks the worst time to malfunction, like a night, weekend or holiday. That’s why our technicians at Howe are available around the clock for emergency heat pump repair service in Sioux Falls, SD, and surrounding areas.

We have the expertise to take on any problem, from common to complex. Give us a call at 605-339-2020 for fast heat pump service if you’re experiencing any of these issues, such as:

  • Unusual noises
  • Short cycling, or turning on and off frequently
  • Unable to keep up in cooling, or heating
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Heat pumps are 2-in-1 HVAC systems that can cool your home and provide heating all year round. They tend to be efficient heating systems that can help homeowners save money.

But no heat pump lasts forever. When your heating and cooling system is nearing the end of its life, talk with the experts at Howe for heat pump installation and replacement in Sioux Falls, SD, and surrounding areas.

A new home comfort system isn’t just more reliable. Advances in technology can help keep you more comfortable while keeping heating costs low, especially if you select an ENERGY STAR®-certified model. You’ll also be able to pair it with a smart thermostat, which takes the guesswork out of creating an energy-efficient heating and cooling schedule.

Ready to request your free, no-obligation estimate? Call or text us at 605-339-2020 today!


Biannual tune-ups are crucial for helping your heat pump perform at its best. With our heat pump maintenance in Sioux Falls, SD, and surrounding areas, you’ll have peace of mind your system will be dependable and energy efficient.

That’s because many breakdowns are caused by a lack of preventative maintenance. What’s worse is neglected heat pumps can consume up to 25% more electricity than ones that are regularly serviced, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Our technicians take the time to clean everything thoroughly and verify proper refrigerant charge so that you can enjoy the most that your system has to offer.

Heat Pump Installation FAQS

If you’re ready to find your next heat pump, you may have some questions before just choosing a model. Spending time to decide what your ideal heat pump may be will help guarantee you make the best decision. Check out these FAQS about heat pump installation from Howe, Inc., to receive useful information about heat pumps and the installation process. 

Are heat pumps hard to maintain?2023-01-19T08:38:29-06:00

Heat pumps are no harder to maintain than a standard air conditioning unit, but one thing to be aware of is the effect of ice and snow on a heat pump. The pump’s outdoor fan blades need to run during most cycles, which can be an issue when they are covered in ice or snow. We would recommend switching over to ‘Emergency Heat’, which instructs your HVAC system to only run on your back up source of heat (such as electric, natural gas or propane). Using the emergency heat setting during these kinds of weather events can help you avoid performance issues.

Are heat pumps noisy? 2023-01-19T08:38:10-06:00

Typically no, especially when we look at the updated equipment Lennox is offering. Some of their heat pumps have operating noise levels as low as 48 dB!

How long do heat pumps last?2023-07-06T11:26:18-06:00

A heat pump’s lifespan greatly depends on consistent preventative maintenance. We recommend both fall and spring maintenance visits performed on all HVAC systems each year. When your heat pump is well maintained, it can last anywhere from 10-20 years.

Are heat pumps energy efficient? 2023-01-19T08:37:32-06:00

In the right climate and conditions, heat pumps can be extremely efficient. In fact, Lennox is now offering variable capacity heat pumps boasting SEER ratings as high as 28 and up! SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, and this system helps you more easily identify efficient heat pump models.

Are heat pumps expensive to install? 2023-01-19T08:37:10-06:00

The cost of heat pump installation is slightly higher than what you’d pay for a standard AC unit. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free on-site estimate, where we’ll make personal recommendations based on your HVAC and comfort needs.

What’s the difference between an air conditioner and a heat pump?2023-01-19T08:36:48-06:00

A heat pump is essentially an air conditioner with a few extra components added. Unlike a standard AC unit, a heat pump utilizes a reversing valve and a defrost cycle. When a standard AC unit is running, the indoor coil is cold, and the outdoor coil is warm. The reversing valve “reverses” this process, flip flopping the two coils – now the indoor coil is warm, and the outdoor coil is cool. When ice builds up on the outdoor coil, a defrost cycle is used to reverse the warm / cool coil temporarily to melt the ice off the outdoor coil.

Are heat pumps effective in the Midwest?2023-01-19T08:36:14-06:00

While heat pumps are most popular in Southern states with warmer climates, they can also be effective in the Upper Midwest if applied properly. They have become more prominent in rural areas without access to natural gas (and instead have access to propane or electric only). Heat pumps reach their peak energy coefficient in temperatures between 30-60 degrees.

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