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A new air conditioner will provide reliable cooling for your entire home for many years. In fact, many models offer cooling that’s more energy efficient than ever. But you won’t see these benefits if installation isn’t handled by a professional. When you trust a trained, knowledgeable technician to install your HVAC equipment, you’ll enjoy all the advantages new equipment can offer. Howe technicians provide fast and seamless air conditioning installation in Sioux Falls, SD, as well as the surrounding communities.

We also offer financing! If monthly payments are a better option for your budget, we have several options that can accommodate your needs. To ask questions, or schedule a free in-home consultation, call or text us at 605-339-2020 today.


The initial cost of installing a new air conditioner can dissuade many homeowners from considering the idea in the first place. After all, why spend money on a new version of something you already own? But as our experienced technicians will tell you, there’s a certain point where repairs aren’t cost-effective anymore.

When compared to most repair costs, new installation seems like the more expensive option. But over time, the improved energy efficiency that new equipment offers ends up saving you money in the long run. You can increase these savings further by investing in routine air conditioning maintenance, which keeps crucial components in peak condition through cleaning, lubrication, re-tightening and other minor tune-up tasks.

But lower energy costs are just the beginning of the benefits a new air conditioner can offer. Modern cooling technology is packed with innovative features that make indoor climate control, quieter, more comfortable and more convenient. For example, many models are compatible with smart technology like programmable thermostats or indoor air quality equipment. These systems work together to create a sense of comfort more closely in line with your unique preferences than ever. For example, new equipment can warn you when trouble is on the way with notifications sent straight to your phone. This gives you plenty of time to call a technician for repairs before your HVAC system shuts down.

Another key advantage of Howe’s AC installation support is the peace of mind that comes from our full 10- year parts warranty, which covers the cost of any needed furnace parts for the next decade. We also offer labor warranties, and maintenance plans if you prefer a hands-off approach to reliable comfort all year long.

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Howe can help you determine when replacing your air conditioner is better than repairing it. There are often noticeable signs your air conditioning is starting to fail, including:

  • Age: most residential air conditioners have an expected lifespan between 12 and 15 years. If your AC is around or above this age, the possibility of system failure increases.
  • Weak or Inconsistent cooling: as key components start to fail, they can prevent your air conditioner from functioning properly. Your air conditioner may short cycle or fail to reach the desired temperature entirely.
  • Sudden increase in energy costs: a sudden jump in your monthly energy bill is a good sign there’s something wrong with your HVAC system, since heating and cooling costs often account for nearly half of your monthly energy expenses. To determine the energy efficiency of your air conditioner, use the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating system. Older equipment’s SEER ratings can be as low as 6 or 8, below the required minimum according to today’s standards. In and around Sioux Falls, a SEER rating of 13 is the new minimum, and we can install air conditioners boasting ratings of up to 26! That means significant energy savings over the lifetime of a well-maintained AC system offering you a significant savings in energy usage.


Don’t forget that there are many other cooling solutions available besides a central air conditioner, including heat pumps and ductless mini splits. Howe technicians can recommend the best system to fit your needs. There are even situations that benefit from installing two different cooling systems such as garages, bonus rooms, or even dog kennels!

You deserve the peace of mind that our AC installation technicians have your best interests in mind. We only recommend equipment we truly believe you could benefit from, and installation is handled carefully to ensure you receive as many of these benefits as possible.

AC Installation FAQs

If you’re getting ready to pick out your new air conditioner, you might have a few questions. Taking the time to think about your new cooling system will help ensure you make a great choice. Explore the AC installation FAQ from Howe to find out if other customers have asked a similar question.

What Is a SEER Rating?2022-08-15T11:06:25-06:00

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio measures how efficient your air conditioner was throughout a standard cooling season. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient your cooling system is. Equipment that earns a high-enough SEER rating is eligible for ENERGY-STAR® distinction, which means it meets federal guidelines for energy efficiency. The minimum will change depending on your local climate region. Many modern air conditioners can boast SEER ratings as high as 25.

How Do I Choose the Best Air Conditioner?2022-08-15T10:57:16-06:00

The perfect air conditioner depends on what matters most to you. Is it Air quality? Warranty? Noise? Minimal maintenance? There are lots of things to consider, but a home energy audit can help. A professional review of your home’s energy use and needs will provide all the info you need to find a great make and model.

What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?2022-08-15T10:56:58-06:00

Sizing your air conditioner means figuring out how big the system should be for the most energy-efficient cooling. If an air conditioner is too big or too small, it could end up using more energy than necessary for cooling your home, leading to new problems with the temperature or the humidity. Things like your home’s ductwork, insulation, sun exposure and the local climate, etc. will also influence what size your air conditioner should be. Call the experts at Howe for a free in-home consultation for peace of mind.

How Long Do Air Conditioners Last?2022-08-15T10:52:12-06:00

The average residential air conditioner can live for up to 15 years when it’s properly sized for your home and given routine preventive maintenance. The more problems an air conditioner experiences, the higher the risk it will fail prematurely.

How Much Does an Air Conditioner Cost?2022-08-15T10:50:02-06:00

The price of a new air conditioner can vary significantly. Capacity, features, energy efficiency, and many other things can influence the total cost. Entry-level models often sit around $5,000 while top-of-the-line air conditioners can be from $7,000 – $10,000. Installation costs can also go up if you need to have new ductwork installed.

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If you think your old air conditioner is starting to fail, or you’re interested in features of new technology, call or text Howe at 605-339-2020 today. We’ll provide you with a free estimate for air conditioning installation in Sioux Falls, SD.

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