Plumbing Fixtures

Time to update your showerhead or bathroom faucet? Switching to high-efficiency plumbing fixtures will save water, energy, and you money all the while reducing your overall water use. These days, there are many bathroom-plumbing fixtures that conserve water without compromising performance or appearance. Let the plumbing experts at Howe help you select the most energy-efficient plumbing fixtures for your household.


High-quality, aesthetically appealing faucets for your showers, bathtubs, vanities and kitchens are a great way to give your plumbing fixtures a timeless look and add instant beauty to any room in your home.


Selecting the right sink, whether it be kitchen, bathroom or laundry, can be challenging. Call Howe and one of our certified plubming experts can help find the right sink for your home.

Toilets / Urinals / Bidets

Anyone looking to upgrade or remodel their bathroom may want to consider all of the benefits that modern toilets can offer their home. They offer a low profile look, have sleek and modern designs, are energy efficient and are quite suitable for limited space.

Showers / Tubs

Transform your bathroom by replacing your plain white tub-and-shower unit with a more personalized look that matches your style. Consider a replacing your old shower heads with a stylish new look that complements your bathroom decore.

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