Convenient, Efficient Skids and Assemblies Prefabricated by Howe

Convenient, Efficient Skids and Assemblies Prefabricated by Howe

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As technology evolves, assembling complete systems becomes a more complex and time-consuming process. For many facilities, stick-built construction of these systems is no longer cost effective. Instead they look for alternatives, such as outsourcing the design and assembly of systems. Howe offers the prefabrication of custom-designed equipment skids so more facilities across the Sioux Empire can enjoy their advantages.

We also sell prepackaged, ready-to-ship systems ideal for standardized equipment a wide range of industries can use. To learn more about available skids and assemblies, call or text Howe staff today at 605-339-2020.

We Offer Prepackaged, Ready-to-Ship Assemblies and Skids

Even though commercial properties and industrial facilities can be very different from one another, systems don’t always have to alter their design to accommodate them. Howe sells and services a number of prepackaged assemblies and skids that are ready for shipping to your facility. These cost-efficient systems are a great way to save time and money without sacrificing any of the systems’ productivity.

But for other facilities, they need something designed for them from the ground up. And with our state-of-the-art prefabrication facility, Howe can provide exactly that.

Custom, Prefabricated Skids and Assemblies

While still prefabricated, Howe’s custom equipment skids and assemblies are a collaborative effort between you and our team of expert engineers. We’ll help you conceptualize, design and test modular equipment skids capable of meeting your facility’s unique needs, such as a new manufacturing process.

Here are just a few of the prefabricated, modular pieces of equipment we can offer:

Equipment / Process Skids

A “system in a box,” process skids are complete systems contained with a durable frame. These systems are designed and assembled off-site by Howe engineers with cutting-edge digital tools and years of experience, ensuring it meets your standards for quality and purpose.

With a modular skid system, transporting and integrating it with the rest of your facility is much simpler than on-site assembly and installation. Not only do you have to communicate with multiple vendors for individual parts but find adequate space for assembling the system without disrupting your facility’s core activities.

Rack Assemblies

Rack assemblies are essentially modular hangers for systems that can’t sit on a facility’s floor such as HVAC equipment. The racks are designed to make installing and servicing these systems safer, since they can be lowered as a whole and remain secure while workers are busy. After everything is done, the rack can be lifted again so the system is reintegrated with the rest of the facility.

Boiler Assemblies

Piping or plumbing equipment like boilers are a great fit for prefabricated assemblies. Howe can design and produce boiler assemblies that include other useful equipment such as water softener systems.

Advantages of Custom Prefabrication with Howe

While outsourcing can be an intimidating idea for projects that require highly collaborative teams, Howe can easily meet your needs from our fabrication facility thanks to experienced engineers and precise, innovative tools. When you trust us for prefabrication services, you’ll also enjoy other benefits like:

  • Controlled environment for design and testing: In the controlled environment of our fabrication facility, we can make sure even custom equipment is ready to stand up to your facility’s unique working conditions. This also prevents inclement weather or climate conditions from lowering the quality of the finished product.
  • Faster and more cost-efficient systems for your facility: When the system can be designed and assembled off-site by trusted engineers, your project can make progress more quickly and with lower costs. No matter what you’re working on, saving time and money is ideal.
  • Howe’s uncompromising standards with veteran engineers: We work with many of the best engineers in and around Sioux Falls, SD. We’re committed to delivering the best quality skids and assemblies.
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Streamline Your Project with Howe Today

To speak with our engineers about available prepackaged systems, call or text Howe today at 605-339-2020. We can also start the design process for a custom skid or assembly.

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