Trimble MEP Digital Layout Solution

We are excited to be working with a new Trimble MEP Robotic Total Station at Howe, Inc. The Trimble MEP is a layout solution that significantly reduces the time it takes to layout plumbing and mechanical systems. We can now bring 3D positional data to the field digitally, which makes the once very labor-intensive process, according to the Trimble website, a “one-person job completed quickly and with pinpoint accuracy.”

We are looking forward to this new unit helping us perform quicker, more cost effective projects for our customers. By doing away with tedious manual measuring processes, one person, with the Trimble MEP can now accurately lay out hundreds of drafting points a day for pipe and duct layout, hangers, and pipe sleeves for floor and wall penetrations.

The controller also enables the digital transfer of design data between the office and field, reducing the delays often associated with traveling to and from job sites.

Pictured below are Derek Schmidt (project support) and Mike Peterson (first year apprentice) who are both working with the Trimble MEP to perform underground layout for the Floyd Valley Hospital project.