Why Smart Thermostats Are Helpful for Home Climate Control

A wi-fi smart thermostat makes it possible for you to control the climate of your home with confidence and convenience.

Smart thermostats are the latest technology in home climate control convenience. With a wi-fi connected thermostat, you’ll be able to conveniently change the settings of your home’s climate with the touch of a button via any digital device with wi-fi, whether it’s a computer or mobile phone.

Having access to your thermostat’s settings from a mobile device will give you, as a homeowner, the confidence of being able to monitor your home’s climate conditions anywhere in the world. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, you can access the current settings of your home’s climate and adjust them up or down.

Auto alerts can also notify you, or someone else you trust, of any out-of-the-ordinary temperature changes within your home. The ability to check settings even when you’re away can provide a homeowner with extra peace of mind.

As an added bonus, the thermostat’s easy-to-use touchscreen can be color customized to match your walls, your favorite color, or even the current holiday season.

If you’re interested in this latest technology for your home, feel free to contact us and a Howe technician will be able to tell you if your home’s current heating and cooling system is compatible with a wi-fi programmable thermostat.

There are additional benefits to having Howe, Inc. assist with the installation of a new wi-fi thermostat, including initial set-up, the inspection of the unit after proper wiring, and configuration with your home’s wireless network and the related mobile app.

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