Water Purification

Equip your home with a water purification system that can transform your tap water into clean, great tasting water that will flow from every faucet or shower head in your home. Depending on your water quality, one or more systems may be necessary to return your water to a purified state. Call a certified plubming expert at Howe today to install a water purification system in your home so you and your family can start experiencing the many benefits of water treated with a water softener versus untreated hard water. 

Water Softeners

Water treated with a water softener versus untreated hard water has many benefits. Installing a whole house water softener will improve your skin, hair and scalp, and provide brighter clothes when doing laundry.

Water Filters

For those homeowners who are health conscious, the benefits of using a water filter for your home far outweigh the costs. Choosing to put filtered water in your home over regular tap water is not only beneficial to your health but also adds aesthetic value to your home's plumbing fixtures.

RO Systems

Keep in mind that when considering the benefits of home water purification systems versus tap water, there's really no bad system. If you're considering a reverse osmosis purification system for your home our certified plumbing experts can help you make the right choice for your family and we'll professionally install your new water system giving you comfort and peace of mind know the job will be done right.

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