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For all your home efficiency needs, trust in Howe and we guarantee we can help you with our complete line of the latest products and money-saving technologies. We've been providing homeowners in the Sioux Empire fast, dependable service for 75 years. Call us today and find out how we can make your home more efficient.

Whole-Home Humidifiers

Using a whole-home humidifier is an effective way to add humidity to your indoor air, while also preventing the problems caused by dry air. Dry air indoors is especially troublesome during the winter heating season when the relative humidity of the cold, outdoor air drops significantly as it's heated in your home.

Low humidity can increase your likelihood of getting colds and other upper respiratory ailments. It can also cause problems with walls and hardwood floors. But beyond the damage low humidity causes, it can simply make you uncomfortable, causing bloody noses, dry mouths and skin, itchy eyes, and even sore throats.

Steam-based humidification systems are capable of compensating for reduced or fluctuating relative humidity (RH) levels at any time of the year, regardless of climate. This way, environments can be protected against adverse health, comfort, and productivity-damaging issues. Steam humidifiers offer the ideal humidity control solution in the form of an energy-efficient, resilient, and powerful product.

Humidifier Manufactures:

Aprilaire, Lennox

Wi-Fi Thermostats

A Wi-Fi smart thermostat makes it possible for you to control the climate of your home with confidence and convenience. With a Wi-Fi connected thermostat, you’ll be able to conveniently change the settings of your home’s climate with the touch of a button via any digital device with Wi-Fi, whether it’s a computer or mobile phone.

If you’re interested in this latest technology for your home, feel free to contact us and a Howe technician will be able to tell you if your home’s current heating and cooling system is compatible with a Wi-Fi programmable thermostat.

Wi-Fi Thermostat Manufacturers:

Honeywell, Google Nest 

Indoor Air Quality

Never underestimate the impact that your home’s air quality can have on your health. Let the experts from Howe help your family find the best solution for your indoor air quality problems. Let us show you how our certified HVAC technicians can help you optimize your homes indoor air quality, allowing you to breathe easier.

  • Air Filters / Cleaners
  • Air Purification
  • UV Lights
  • Humidifiers

Zone Controls

Most homeowners believe that having areas in their home that are too hot or too cold is just something they have to live with. With modern heating solutions, air zoning systems can be installed in your ductwork by having dampers put in which open and close as needed based on each zone’s thermostat settings giving you total air comfort throughout your home.


Properly designed and installed high quality, efficient ducted air systems are important to homeowners because if your duct system was poorly installed it may leak causing the efficiency of air distribution to be significantly lower than homes which have a properly installed duct system.

Do you know how often you should have your air ducts cleaned? According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, you should have your air ducts cleaned every three to five years.

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